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Culture Wins

Organizations are not more effective because they have better people. They have better people because they motivate to self-development through their standards, through their habits, through their climate.

— Peter Drucker (The Effective Executive)

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this. In context, Drucker is talking about how effective organizations leverage common people to achieve uncommon performance.

I was thinking about it from a talent strategy perspective: I think it’s tempting for leaders to overvalue hiring “better people” when looking to increase the effectiveness of their organization.

Fundamentally leaders are responsible for building healthy cultures, with good standards and habits.

Any leader who is hiring should ask: Is my team’s culture healthy and motivating to the team? If your culture isn’t already motivating people, then it isn’t going to motivate the “better people” you hope to hire either.

On the flip side, an amazing culture will motivate your team and attract others.

Bottom line: Organizations with good habits and cultures cultivate the best people. Culture wins.

Posted on 23 Feb 2022.